The nameSchildercamer’ (Painting Room) dates back to the 17th century. It is a room, usually facing north, where the painter and his pupils worked and he also sold his paintings and those of others. This now is what I have done all my life. Hence the choice of this name.

After more than 55 years of dealing and restoring paintings, I have decided to leave my art gallery in Amsterdam and continue my passion in Oosterbeek. An important advantage is that I will go from high costs to no costs which will significantly lower the prices.

All works can be accompanied by an appraisal report for insurance purposes. Of course all paintings are in perfect condition and very nicely framed.

Please do arrange when you would like to come by to admire the paintings.


It is wonderful to see how a painting, which hung on the wall for a long time, transforms into actually a new painting after a thorough cleaning. In addition to gaining much in brightness and contrast, a painting also gains the proper protection for the future.

Antique frames can also be restored to their original condition. This in a solid way for a reasonable price. With a price agreement in advance. Below some examples of a situation before and after restoration.




Since 1965, I have restored my own paintings and those of individuals, art dealers and museums. In my Restoration Studio, equipped with the most modern techniques, I can clean and restore your beloved painting with the utmost care. I can guarantee that your painting is in safe hands with me.

After I am able to examine your painting, we can make clear arrangements.